Marketing Prof’s U: A Q&A with Denise Lee Yohn on Retail’s Balance of Power & the Role of Technology vs. Humanity

  (This is the second in a two-part blog-exchange on brand decision-making I’m doing with Denise Lee Yohn.  I kicked things off last week with a post called “Killing Retail Giants” and today Denise answers the questions I posed to her about retail small businesses.  We’re both teaching sessions in the Marketing Profs University course, Marketing Your […]

How to Strategically Retreat: Patagonia and “Don’t Buy This Jacket”

Don’t Buy This Jacket. Outdoor athletes – the real high achievers, in particular – understand Patagonia’s tagline. And Patagonia’s tagline clearly shows that they understand their core market to a remarkable degree.  That’s nice, for a change. Outdoor enthusiasts do things that the rest of us don’t. They spend time on mountains. In winter. On […]

When Giants Miss the Structural Shifts: Sony – A Cautionary Tale

Quick: close your eyes and describe to me what a cordless toothbrush would be like if it was designed by Apple. What color would it be? What would the finish look like? What materials, what tactile feedback would it give? What would it feel like on your teeth? What would it sound like? We used […]

The Secret Power of Poets: Where Liberal Arts Majors Win

We’ve read that the majority of liberal arts degree majors coming out of college will be well suited for the burgeoning barista segment of the service industry in the coming years. We’ve read that trade schools are far better uses of your educational dollars than a liberal arts BA from a 4 year school. And […]

Your Opinion is Dangerous.

  “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.” I’ve noticed something over the years, both as a corporate executive and as a consultant: if you’re the guy in the room with a point of view – someone who has a vision of where the ship needs to go and how […]