Why Going for a Big, Bold Brand Purpose Can Be a Terrible Mistake

“We’ll dispose of brands that don’t stand for something,” Unilever’s CEO Alan Jope said in an interview this summer with The Drum, echoing the echo chamber that reverberates across the halls of virtually every business with an internet connection today. It may be a bit rhetorical in this day and age to ask whether it is good to […]

The 12 Moments You Need Macro Trends

TweetWhy – and when – do you bring macro trend research into play for your business? The answer is simple: you bring trend research in when you’re in a cycle that needs big picture input or when something important has changed and you need a broader worldview to deal with the ramifications. I’ve spoken to many […]

Brand Values vs. Brand Militancy

ESPN made a mistake. In believing that the network stood for something far bigger than sports reporting, it decided that its real role in American culture was political militancy. It paid a heavy price for this misstep, losing 15 million subscribers over a period of 8 years. Now, with its brand and finances in tatters, […]

How the AIM Program Drove $20M+ in Incremental Sales

In a recent interview on the Brand Fast-Trackers podcast, Jabra North America president Pete Fox described how applying the Killing Giants Framework delivered $20 million in incremental pipeline sales to his company. This is a great case study in “seizing the narrative.” Give it a listen.

The Future of Work: 4 Trends That Matter To Your Work + Life

I see four significant trends impacting the future of work and I’ll describe them here, along with the implications of them for employers, workers and everyone in between. This comes from consulting with fun and interesting clients in the US, Asia and Europe in industries from telecom and technology to performance apparel, food and other […]