What Groupon’s CEO Should Have Said

  The following memo, penned by someone other than Groupon’s CEO, was not posted on Groupon’s blog yesterday: Dear Customers, Super Bowl Viewers and Ad Critics: What a game! I personally thought the Steelers were going to come back with 2 minutes left like they did against the Cardinals, but hey, that’s football. Hope you […]

Go Daddy, Super Bowl Advertising, and the Decline of the Chattering Class

“Go Daddy reported a doubling of its previous best-ever immediate Web spike and converted the Internet traffic into sales and new customers unlike ever before in the company’s seven-year Super Bowl history, according to a company news release the day after the Super Bowl.”   Dear Chattering Class: Until Chrysler, Doritos and VW post similar […]

How Ignorance Can Be Your Biggest Competitive Advantage: 4 (+2 Extra) Outsider Rules

“If I were a brand manager at P&G, could I have come up with the same idea (of launching a Method-like brand)? No, definitely not. If I did, I would look at the business as an insider, I would know too much.” Eric Ryan, Method. Paul Brown explains that experience is over-rated in his article […]

New Research on Why We Pull for Upstart Brands

  We pull for the upstarts. We want to see the giant fall and the hero triumph. It’s a universal story told for timeless generations around the world. This story is the heart and soul of Killing Giants: 10 Strategies to Topple the Goliath In Your Industry and it gives us all timely – and […]

Apple, Steve Jobs and Lessons from a Morita-less Sony

I’ve never met Steve Jobs. And while I worked for Mr. Morita for many years, we never met face to face. But I knew the culture at Sony and joined it because of the aura that Mr. Morita projected. Sony was an innovative Japanese company – an oxymoron of sorts, given the copycat stereotype prevalent […]