What You Can’t – And Probably Shouldn’t – Learn from Steve Jobs

You can’t throw a stone on the Internets right now without hitting ten dozen posts on What Steve Jobs Taught Us. Or perhaps, What We Can All Learn from Steve Jobs. Or something identical. I’ve got a problem with all this. I don’t think we have too much to learn that we can actually apply. […]

How Amazon Might Just Have Saved Barnes & Noble

For all you out there looking to “completely change the game,” take heed. Sometimes it’s easier to win the game you’re in. I have a hunch that has yet to be borne out completely in the real world of results, but hear me out anyway. I think that the explosion of e-readers has changed the book […]

3 Questions to Answer on Your Way to Becoming Larger Than Life

  I have three questions for you if you plan on killing the giant in your industry. How are you going to become a bigger idea than the category you play in? How do you plan to change how the world thinks about what you do? What is the missing 3rd piece of the puzzle […]

Everything Wrong with Marketing in 30 Seconds

  Why do we even make commercials anymore? Will it sell more burgers? Who can say. That’s frankly all that matters in the world of Jack In The Box advertising, as I’m sure their franchisees would agree. So let me briefly step into the somewhat unfamiliar role of Ad Critic – a sub-species of social […]

Never Believe Anyone Who Says That We Live in a “Post-Marketing World”

  “We do not live in a “post-marketing” world. We live in a “post-bad-marketing world.” It’s still your job to do your job. Go get ’em.” I run into the sentiment that we’re living in a “post-marketing world” a lot, mostly on social media sites. Which probably explains it, right there. Social media in general […]