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Marketing strategy, disruption, competitive strategy, guerilla marketing, speed as a competitive weapon, getting your message heard in a crowded market, hijacking the conversation, culture & execution.

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Why bring Stephen Denny in to work with your key executives on leadership training?

Keynote speeches are great for setting up ideas. But to change behaviors – and who doesn’t want their key fast-track executives on a killing giants footing – you need more than a one-way conversation. You need to be hands-on, interactive and engaged so that questions are answered, assumptions are tested and plans made.

If putting your executives on a more aggressive footing is the key priority on your development plan, then a Killing Giants executive leadership plan is what you need.

Leadership Development topics:

Stephen is brilliant at getting a team to focus on the why & I really enjoyed the workshops he moderated and developed for Jabra. He knows how to push the boundaries of the team and inspires everyone around him to think outside the boundaries. I look forward to working together again in the future

Suzaan Sauerman, Senior Director of Global Marketing, Jabra

So many of us are familiar with Stephen's written work. He is thought provoking for those of us in businesses both big and small. He delivers his point of view in a compelling and dynamic way in person. Stephen was also highly effective working with us to generate ways to apply various lenses to our work and identify new solutions and approaches to our future executions.

Jennifer Campbell, VP, Consumer Engagement & Marketing Services, Altria

Stephen brought a breath of fresh innovative air to our marketing team’s strategic positioning work during my previous role in an IT enterprises services organization. He delivered a crisp framework and engaging workshop to help capture both new ways of thinking as well as grounding our outcome to deliver against our objective. The energy and external insight Stephen provided also helped ensure the team actively participated and enjoyed every minute of the process as well as being proud of the outcome. I would recommend Stephen to organizations both large and small, both giants and disrupters.

Virginia Brailey, VP, Marketing and Strategy, ADP Canada

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