Everything Wrong with Marketing in 30 Seconds

  Why do we even make commercials anymore? Will it sell more burgers? Who can say. That’s frankly all that matters in the world of Jack In The Box advertising, as I’m sure their franchisees would agree. So let me briefly step into the somewhat unfamiliar role of Ad Critic – a sub-species of social […]

Never Believe Anyone Who Says That We Live in a “Post-Marketing World”

  “We do not live in a “post-marketing” world. We live in a “post-bad-marketing world.” It’s still your job to do your job. Go get ’em.” I run into the sentiment that we’re living in a “post-marketing world” a lot, mostly on social media sites. Which probably explains it, right there. Social media in general […]

BNET Interview on Killing Giants

All – thought I’d share this from BNET.

How to Out-Maneuver Goliath’s Lawyers

What happens when Goliath maneuvers you into court? I’ve spoken to a good number of entrepreneurial groups since Killing Giants: 10 Strategies to Topple the Goliath In Your Industry launched in March, and this question has come up a few times. Giants have more lawyers than you do, can afford to spend more legal fees […]

How to Make Money by Charging Nothing: JetBlue and a $9 Flight

  JetBlue will fly you from Boston to Newark, NJ, for $9. I don’t think you could catch a bus for that cheap. You may not be in either town, but you still need to care about this for one big reason. When your product, service, experience, or stuff in general is guaranteed to change […]