Covid-19 and Re-Thinking the Balance Between Individual Productivity and Collaboration

TweetI wrote a piece up on entitled, “3 Ways to Inspire Innovation From Remote Teams,” that touches upon a critically important point that frankly needs a deeper dive than what my editors over there typically want. Thus, the double click here. There’s more to it than just saying the work from home workstyle gives […]

Squinting at a New World, Post-Coronavirus

How can we predict the immediate future, imagining the world we’ll emerge into after COVID19 runs its course? Given the work we’ve done at Denny Leinberger Strategy on understanding the intersection of technology and culture, we have a certain lens to look through by which we can offer a few predictions on what the future […]


We began studying the impact of technology on culture back in 2016, when we launched our first Culture & Technology Intersection study. Our findings have helped us better understand the collapse of trust, the evolving definition of authenticity and credibility, the tension between privacy and sharing, and the nature of brand values alignment, amongst other insights. Out of this […]

Marketing in a Divided America

Every publication in America has a lead off article this morning featuring the word, “polarized.” Without much need for deep consideration, we can all agree we’re a much-divided nation. How divided are we? Of course we have “our” and “their” TV networks, news aggregators, and websites. But we also have “our” and “their” restaurants, clothing […]

5 Keys to Save Your Keynote (and Sanity) on Stage

There’s a lot of advice out there about public speaking, and not all of it is great. Having done keynotes and other high stakes presentations for the past two decades in venues from hotel ballrooms to conference centers, boardrooms, the occasional brewery, movie theater, and college lecture hall, I have an opinion on how to speak in front of large […]