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Judgment vs Evidence, Spin vs Substance + The Search for Meaning: Tom Asacker, Pt 2

Tweet On Monday, I posted the first of three observations from Tom’s “Ten Years After” post. Without further ado, here’s the last three observations on complexity, creation versus communication and the search for meaning. Drowning in Complexity. (TA): The marketplace is growing increasingly complex. Rather than understanding the underlying patterns for success and being driven […]

The Eyelash Mite, Rescuing Branding + Doing What We Know to be True: Tom Asacker, Part 1

Tweet Tom Asacker wrote Sandbox Wisdom ten years ago. The book was a personal journey for him at the time – self-published and sent out to those he thought would find it useful – and proved to be a pivot point for what became the next act in his life. I read Tom’s blog long […]

Three Weapons that Steal Big Clients Away from Big Agencies: How to Get More than Your Fair Share

Tweet  In my agency/consultancy life, I’ve snatched a big client out of the jaws of a big agency twice. Here’s how it worked both times. In both cases, the client asked me for advice. I knew the decision makers and they called on me because they wanted my opinion on either the big agency itself […]

Are Systems More Important than Star Players? A Twitter Conversation w/ Tom Peters, Mike Myatt + Roger van Oech

TweetIn the best of all possible worlds, you’d have a team comprised of star players working within a superior system. You’d win Super Bowls, collect industry accolades and generally kick every potential competitor to the curb. If only it were that easy. It isn’t. But the conversations that circle this balancing act are fascinating and I’d […]

Old Spice Reloaded: The Sell Through

Tweet Hello, marketers. Look at your AC Nielsen data. Now back at me. Now back at your data. Now back to me. Did I ever tell you that I spent much of my formative years neck-deep in AC Nielsen data, judging year-over-year, month-over-month, weekly, SKU-level and key account level sell through data? I did. It wasn’t the […]