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Hit Them When They’re Shifting Gears: the Role of Timing in Giant Killing

TweetThe borderlands are where the hurt happens – whether the no-man’s land at the US / Mexican border or the 20 feet or so beyond the breakers where the big pelagics slowly patrol. But zones aren’t just physical. Shifts of any kind create disruptions. Shifts produce changes in behavior and changes in behavior create opportunities for […]

Apple, Steve Jobs and Lessons from a Morita-less Sony

Tweet I’ve never met Steve Jobs. And while I worked for Mr. Morita for many years, we never met face to face. But I knew the culture at Sony and joined it because of the aura that Mr. Morita projected. Sony was an innovative Japanese company – an oxymoron of sorts, given the copycat stereotype […]

Seeing What Others Miss: Q-TIPS, How to Win a Lost Battle, and 5 Ways to Tactically Shift

TweetIf you’re like most people in business, you fall into one of two camps. You’re either looking for ways to take your business, your brand or just yourself to that next level or you’re wondering how in hell you ended up in this mess and how you’re ever going to get out again. It doesn’t […]

The Ground Zero Mosque, Camcorder Format Wars + Controlling the Narrative

TweetWant to help me get “This Sentence Has 5ive Words: Eigen Values, Creating Truisms + the Future of  Marketing” published on 800 CEO READ’s   Click “yes, publish it!” HERE. “Will its tapes play in my VCR?” These words grated like fingernails on a chalk board in the mid-90’s to anyone in Sony’s Personal […]

Shutting Up the Monkey’s Lawyer: Avoiding the #1 Pitfall in Project Planning

Tweet  The monkey’s lawyer threatened swift and decisive action to defend his client, which upon reflection forced me to question a lot of decisions I’d made in my life up to that point.  But enough about the monkey and his attorney for now. Let me digress a moment and tell a story that has a happier […]