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Note to CMO: Marketing Sameness in a Different Way

TweetDear CMO: Seth Godin’s Sunday post discusses (non) branding in an unbranded world, which he illustrates with a vignette from the mattress business. His point is that while many marketers are excited about entering an unbranded marketplace and attempting to create one, usually by outspending the field, they rarely succeed because their product — like […]

Note to CMO: Beware of Chimps With Spears

TweetDear CMO: Let’s talk about competitive “blinders”. The ones you put on when you talk about “the competition” — the ones that say, “we know who our competitors are,” and fail to take into consideration the trivial, the comic, and the beneath-your-contempt minor players who don’t even qualify to hit your radar screen. Chimps with […]

Note to CMO: WOMMA, Authenticity and Personal Branding

TweetDear CMO: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Branding is something that goes beyond ad copy – you must be your brand, live your brand, deliver on your brand, and not forget any of the previous three things at the peril of your professional life. Look at our friends at Sony – flogging […]

Note to CMO: Whacked Upside Your Strategic Head

TweetDear CMO: I always knew cows were the enemy. This, from a soon to be published report from the UN, as reported in the UK‘s Independent: A United Nations report has identified the world’s rapidly growing herds of cattle as the greatest threat to the climate, forests and wildlife… livestock are responsible for 18 per […]