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The Power of Ritual + How to Tap It

TweetI had a quick Twitter exchange with Mark Oakes (@MarkOOakes) and Ted Coine (@tedcoine) last week that started with a simple question: “Beyond hiring right, how do you ensure change happens after you, as the consultant, have left?” Instilling change is more like chiropractic than surgery. It’s lots of small shifts and not one haymaker […]

Note to CMO: Unreasonable Requests

Tweet Dear CMO: Disruption has a way of throwing out old rules of convention. What is normal in times of good fortune doesn’t always apply when things are going down the drain. For those of us who have been around the block for more than one (or two) of these downturns, we can think back […]

Note to CMO: Powerlines and When to Keep Them

TweetDear CMO: Brandweek tells us that Memorex is soon to launch its first branding effort since the 70’s. Well, welcome back, in any case. What I find interesting is that Memorex has decided to change its tag line. Quick — close your eyes and tell me what Memorex’s tag line is. Can you? Are you […]

The Yin and Yang of Retail

Tweet Dear CMO: I hate it when retailers tell me what I can’t do. I hate hearing that they’ve got a “clean floor policy” and that my signage doesn’t match their color scheme. I hate hearing that they won’t accept value-added promotions because they’d rather have us pass the savings on to them. I’d rather […]

Note to CMO: Ideas, Execution, and the Pitfall of “Next”

TweetDear CMO: Akio Morita, my old boss back in the day, was a great fan of the “ready, shoot, aim” school of business. Don’t over-think things. Let inspiration do its work and you do yours and we’ll all do fine. I didn’t really buy into all that at the time — which was a good […]