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Note to CMO: Experts, Raffa, and the Other Michelangelo

Tweet Dear CMO: Two blogs of note pushed me into this frame of mind today — Jennifer’s recent post over at Brains on Fire and Valeria’s always good insights at Conversation Agent. Jennifer discussed the recent Wimbledon finals from a non-player’s perspective. Valeria just happens to love Caravaggio. For the rest of us, please pick […]

Note to CMO: The Pitfalls of Consistency (or, Learning to Love Your Hubris)

TweetDear CMO: I’ve heard three pieces of good news over the past few weeks. First, I understand that the feared AIDS epidemic within the heterosexual communities of developed countries is no longer a threat, according to the World Health Organization. Second, I learned that not only is the US not in a recession but that […]

Note to CMO: Making it Easier to Get to “Yes”

TweetDear CMO: Are we in a recession? No? It feels like it. Probably because the media believes that any economic growth less than “exuberant” means we’re heading for the breadlines and soup kitchens. Anyway. Let’s agree that everyone in a position to buy whatever it is you sell is nervous right now, so selling is […]

Note to CMO: Consistency and The Need to Re-Interpret the Obvious

TweetDear CMO: A funny thing hit the news the other day that struck me as a wonderful parable for modern-day decision making. Both NPR and Fox News (yes, both the yin and yang, alpha and omega, chicken and… well… fox) reported that scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory are finding that probes monitoring global sea […]

Note to CMO: The Power of Unbranding

TweetDear CMO: Brands tend to elevate perceived value in a market segment. Differentiated products are highly brand driven — look at the fashion industry — and even commodities have shown remarkable sensitivity to branding. Just ask Intel. Or Nutrasweet. So when an age old business that has evolved along side humanity since the dawn of […]