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Three Reasons Why Domino’s Re-Launch Worked

TweetHere’s three reasons why Domino’s sales are up 14.3% since their re-launch: The science says that we gain credibility when we argue against our own perceived self-interest. Saying, “we need to get better” is strong stuff for a brand. This is source credibility and it’s a powerful motivator. It taps our decision triggers and moves […]

Note to CMO: Changing How the World Thinks

Tweet“Our mission has always been to change how America thinks about beer.” Jim Koch, Founder of The Boston Beer Company, now the largest American-owned brewery. Dear CMO: Jim Koch clearly laid out his vision for The Boston Beer Company to me in a discussion we had a few months ago. Reading these words belies the […]

Note to CMO: Seeing What Others Don’t See and Parking Your Car for $12 a Month

TweetDear CMO: I’m going to get this story slightly wrong because I forgot exactly where I heard it or read it, but hopefully the meaning will be clear enough. I’m sharing this with you for one big reason: if you squint at it and think of ways to apply it to what you’re doing, it […]

Note to CMO: What Hostage Negotiation Teaches Us About Business

TweetDear CMO: Nothing you do in your work day is as important as what Victor Bazan does in his. I met Vic through a mutual friend. He describes what he does in an off-hand manner, the way you or I would talk about how we dole out marketing development dollars to a difficult buyer. We […]

Note to CMO: Getting Unstuck

Tweet Dear CMO: You’re stuck. Admit it. Whatever you’ve been trying to do has ground to a halt and you’ve been staring at that same patch of dead air before your eyes for 20 minutes. You want to believe you’ll burst into action any second now, but the reality is, you won’t. Because you’re stuck. […]