Here’s three reasons why Domino’s sales are up 14.3% since their re-launch:

  1. The science says that we gain credibility when we argue against our own perceived self-interest. Saying, “we need to get better” is strong stuff for a brand. This is source credibility and it’s a powerful motivator. It taps our decision triggers and moves us, all things considered, to listening with more of an open mind.
  2. They never said, “Our crust tastes like cardboard” – they said that some of their focus group customers said their crust tastes like cardboard. There’s a huge difference here. We all know what people are like when they have no skin in the game. What Domino’s showed us, though, is that instead of ignoring the occasional nay-sayer, they listened and acted.
  3. While I’d love to throw a few statistics at you to prove my point, I’ll bet you a pizza or two that the majority of Domino’s customers didn’t think their crust tasted like cardboard. They probably thought it tasted “fine.” “OK.” Maybe “good enough.” And yet, Domino’s improved on what was “good enough” without having a national scandal break out over their quality. If they had a BP-sized ingredient catastrophe linking them to knowingly using tainted produce or something, this campaign would have gone a lot worse. They didn’t. This was their idea: improve the product that you’re not complaining about. This is a great example of being the fastest guy on the field – of leading from the front.

What makes this corporate make-over such a success is that Domino’s didn’t have a crisis on their hands.

Re-launching a brand is supposed to be like this.

[Photo courtesy of Flickr via Creative Commons.]