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Build Your Army Now: Wikileaks, DKNY and 3 Ways to Prepare for Bad Social Media

Tweet  What a very bad week in social media teaches us about being prepared for the worst. Wikileaks is to the Obama administration what the Pentagon Papers were to Nixon. Embarrassing, probably not ground-breaking in and of themselves, but indicative of a lack of what we all surmised was lacking in the first place. How […]

The 3 Wrong Answers You Don’t Want to Hear in Social Media Marketing

TweetSocial media has dramatically changed the landscape for marketers in many significant ways, including the opportunity for greater creativity, the ability to have meaningful dialog with end users, and perhaps most importantly the ability to communicate with significantly greater speed than ever before. Social media is easy to use. It’s fast. And you get immediate feedback, […]

The GAP Logo Fiasco: Lacking the Guts to Ignore Your Critics or a Model of Sloppy Work?

TweetI’m disappointed with GAP. I’m not sure exactly why, but regardless, I am. First of all, I like GAP. I like their look, their stores and their clothes. I’m wearing a GAP T right now (black, no pocket). But coming from twenty or so years of marketing for a living, often heading up departments of […]

Note to CMO: Why Twitter is Good for the NFL

TweetDear CMO: The NFL thinks Twitter is bad for business, which confuses me as a marketer. I need someone at the NFL to tell me why banning their players, coaches and operations personnel from using social media 90 minutes before games and until post-game is wrapped up makes sense for their brand. As marketers, we’re […]

Note to CMO: Nine Rules for 2009

Tweet Dear CMO: It’s that time of year, when pundits of all shapes, readerships and sizes put their prognostications out for all to see. We won’t spend too much time on last year’s resolutions for fear of dwelling on the past. Next question, please. If a quick glance at Drudge tells us anything, it’s not […]