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3 Questions to Answer on Your Way to Becoming Larger Than Life

Tweet  I have three questions for you if you plan on killing the giant in your industry. How are you going to become a bigger idea than the category you play in? How do you plan to change how the world thinks about what you do? What is the missing 3rd piece of the puzzle […]

Three Weapons that Steal Big Clients Away from Big Agencies: How to Get More than Your Fair Share

Tweet  In my agency/consultancy life, I’ve snatched a big client out of the jaws of a big agency twice. Here’s how it worked both times. In both cases, the client asked me for advice. I knew the decision makers and they called on me because they wanted my opinion on either the big agency itself […]

Training with Bare Knuckles + Customer Insight

TweetThere’s a reason why taping your wrists is a lousy way to train on a heavy bag. You will never, ever get in a fight with a heavy bag at the precise moment that you’ve just taped your wrists and put on your gloves. This is why so many training programs are useless when it comes to […]

Note to CMO: More on Developing “Trance States”

Tweet Dear CMO: I’ve got a new post up over at The Daily Fix on Creating Trance States – take a look if you haven’t seen it. The back story is that while installing a new printer over the weekend, I saw a vivid example of how one company deals with the timeless problem of what […]

Note to CMO: Moments of Power, Found and Lost

Tweet Dear CMO: I was sitting in a coffee shop yesterday with a colleague of mine – another influence strategist, as luck would have it – and we both watched an unfolding vignette that would go on to animate not only some of the best in social influence, but also how subtle nuances can fall […]