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Note to CMO: Doubling Your ROI by Winning in the Last 3 Feet

TweetDear CMO: Think of how much more effective your marketing budget would be if you asked three more questions: Question #1: OK, now that we’re done with our campaign planning and understand all the final execution-level details… what happens next? Question #2: OK, now what do we do? Question #3: Got it, now what? Pretty […]

Note to CMO: There Are No Strategic Problems, Only Personality Problems

TweetDear CMO: Someone else posted on this thought recently, and whoever they are they deserve some praise. So in the spirit of borrowing rather than stealing, let me be as redundant as I need to be: There are no strategic problems. Only personality problems. Corporations are collections of personalities, sometimes functional, that get together every […]

Note to CMO: Elevating Experience Over Product

TweetDear CMO: Let’s keep pulling on this experience thread. We talked about products with unique experiences that are inherent to their use, from watches to home entertainment, in our last discussion. What about those products that might have subjectively normal to slightly above normal performance characteristics – unless you really know how to use them? […]

Note to CMO: Beware of Ducks Bearing Onions

TweetDear CMO: The elephant in the room. The 800 pound gorilla. Or, my favorite Japanese proverb, a “duck bearing onions.” These all generally speak to those things which we do not wish to acknowledge out of fear that their acknowledgement will destroy our carefully constructed self-delusions. We all know situations where stating the obvious is […]

Note to CMO: The Ladder of Inference, or, The Art of Not Listening

TweetDear CMO: An exchange with Valeria Maltoni at Conversation Agent reminded me of another great conversation agent, Dr. Steven Feinberg at ROI Dynamics, with whom I had the great opportunity of working some years back. We talked about corporate culture, specifically the art of listening. What an unpracticed art. Being a listener has become something […]