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Note to CMO: More on Developing “Trance States”

Tweet Dear CMO: I’ve got a new post up over at The Daily Fix on Creating Trance States – take a look if you haven’t seen it. The back story is that while installing a new printer over the weekend, I saw a vivid example of how one company deals with the timeless problem of what […]

Note to CMO: Moments of Power, Redux

TweetDear CMO: When last we talked, we over-analyzed a poor coffee shop employee who fumbled a wonderful opportunity to create a “word-of-mouth-worthy” moment. Ah. These things happen (literally all the time, in every customer facing business, all day long. Not to belabor the point). What makes it worth revisiting is that my colleague and I were […]

Note to CMO: Up Cards, Down Cards and Michael Vick

TweetDear CMO: Whether you choose to call this “crisis management” or “brand management” or “message management” or just plain good judgment is up to you. This isn’t a football post. It isn’t even about Michael Vick, the soon to be released inmate who may or may not return to a life of professional football. It’s […]

Note to CMO: How to “Strategically Shift” On Purpose

TweetDear CMO: You invest thousands of dollars in training for your team and their habits don’t change. You read countless books on business, marketing, influence, psychology, ethnography, neuro-marketing, etc., ad nauseum, and for some reason, things never seem to change. “But these are great insights!” you’ll tell me. “I think this is something I can […]

Note to CMO: Ten Ways to Optimize Returns on Integrated Marketing Campaigns Using the Social Psychology of Influence

TweetDear CMO: Just a “post-it” today, but an important one. Here’s 10 plus 1 on how to maximize your returns on integrated marketing campaigns by working smarter. 1. Gifts are always more valuable than rewards. Ask yourself what you can do for your target before you look for ways to profit from them. Can you […]