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The GAP Logo Fiasco: Lacking the Guts to Ignore Your Critics or a Model of Sloppy Work?

TweetI’m disappointed with GAP. I’m not sure exactly why, but regardless, I am. First of all, I like GAP. I like their look, their stores and their clothes. I’m wearing a GAP T right now (black, no pocket). But coming from twenty or so years of marketing for a living, often heading up departments of […]

The Difference Between “How” Brands and “What” Brands

Tweet “Given them what they want – just not the way they expect to get it.” Robert McKee, as told to us in his 3 day Story Seminar.  The How, Not the What. Brands that have lasting impact aren’t the ones that focus on the what. The what gets commoditized pretty quickly. What is the intellectual […]

Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead: 3 Questions with David Meerman Scott

TweetI’ve been to one Dead show. It was in college, where a mandatory part of the curriculum in any 4 year liberal arts school in the 80’s was total immersion in all aspects of the band’s ecosystem. We drove up from Lexington, Virginia, to Wolf Trap Farms outside of my hometown of Washington DC and […]

How to Re-Invent Your Brand – 3 Lessons from An Industry Less Sexy Than Yours

TweetWhen we think about how to re-invent an industry, we usually look to emerging brands: start-ups that have disrupted stodgy industries, iconoclasts who have re-imagined existing frames of reference and shattered expectations and others. This is limiting because we’re all not in the process of launching new brands. Sometimes, we’re working on existing brands – […]

Judgment vs Evidence, Spin vs Substance + The Search for Meaning: Tom Asacker, Pt 2

Tweet On Monday, I posted the first of three observations from Tom’s “Ten Years After” post. Without further ado, here’s the last three observations on complexity, creation versus communication and the search for meaning. Drowning in Complexity. (TA): The marketplace is growing increasingly complex. Rather than understanding the underlying patterns for success and being driven […]