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Note to CMO: Experts Beat Evangelists

TweetDear CMO: We’ve discussed the role that highly engaged users play in your brand ecosystem. Throw a virtual rock in the blogosphere and you’ll hit three posts that are all a-Twitter over evangelists and why creating them is so smart. And don’t get me started about blogs about blogging. Not many talk about the “how,” […]

Note to CMO: Spotting the “Tell”

TweetDear CMO: Do you play poker? Ever since poker became a spectator sport, it’s kind of lost a bit of its luster for me, but my ten year old loves Texas Hold ‘Em. He’s all in, all the time. Sometimes, he won’t even look at his cards. Of course, he knows he’s playing with me, […]

Note to CMO: Creativity versus Creation

TweetDear CMO: If you’re tired of the conversation that starts, “… I wonder what the Future of Marketing will look like,” or maybe, “… what do YOU think marketing’s role is in the modern corporation…” you’d be forgiven. I’d understand completely. I’m sick of it, too. We talked about this back in the day when […]

Note to CMO: Consistency and The Need to Re-Interpret the Obvious

TweetDear CMO: A funny thing hit the news the other day that struck me as a wonderful parable for modern-day decision making. Both NPR and Fox News (yes, both the yin and yang, alpha and omega, chicken and… well… fox) reported that scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory are finding that probes monitoring global sea […]

Note to CMO: Starbucks, Sharper Image, and The Tao of Focus

TweetDear CMO: It has been said that the jackrabbit knows many things, while the hedgehog knows one thing — very well. Multi-tasking notwithstanding, recent news items seem to show the virtue of the hedgehog in newer light. Sharper Image is declaring bankruptcy. I don’t follow Sharper Image anymore, as they never figured largely into any […]