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Note to CMO: Constraints and Innovation

Tweet Dear CMO: It’s often said that your average consumer is a lousy artist but a wonderfully articulate art critic. I think this is true for several reasons, none of which have anything to do with artistic ability. When left to our own intellectual devices, we tend to wander. Ask a group of eight behind […]

Note to CMO: Separating Leaders from Ideas (and the Aikido of Consistency)

TweetDear CMO: Once our snap judgments paint the Rorschach test-like image of a person or an idea in our minds, it’s hard for us to objectively change our minds. If a new player is deemed to be “good,” then they are given wider latitude and their actions are viewed with more forgiveness than those deemed, […]

Note to CMO: The Dubious Strategy of Apologies and Retractions

TweetDear CMO: We’re marketers. We’re edgy. We love cool, we live hip, and swing for the upper deck. That’s why we usually dress in black, which is a subject for another post on another day. But this is also why we love to go out on the absolute edge of creative license and pick up […]

Note to CMO: Experts, Raffa, and the Other Michelangelo

Tweet Dear CMO: Two blogs of note pushed me into this frame of mind today — Jennifer’s recent post over at Brains on Fire and Valeria’s always good insights at Conversation Agent. Jennifer discussed the recent Wimbledon finals from a non-player’s perspective. Valeria just happens to love Caravaggio. For the rest of us, please pick […]

Note to CMO: Experts Redux

TweetDear CMO: Do you know what a skip tooth chain is? If you own a chainsaw, a skip tooth chain is a steak knife. It cuts at roughly twice the speed of the comparatively meek sounding “homeowner’s chain.” Why did I have to learn about this from the guy who trims my trees? (Just for […]