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5 Rules for Managing Superstars (and Their Egos)

TweetWisdom from Silicon Valley to Formula 1 to the highest levels of the NBA on managing high performers Sometimes, everything comes down to that one player on the team to take the shot, close the sale, or design a product the way no one else can. Superstars transcend the normal distribution curve of contributors on your team […]

What Groupon’s CEO Should Have Said

Tweet  The following memo, penned by someone other than Groupon’s CEO, was not posted on Groupon’s blog yesterday: Dear Customers, Super Bowl Viewers and Ad Critics: What a game! I personally thought the Steelers were going to come back with 2 minutes left like they did against the Cardinals, but hey, that’s football. Hope you […]

Note to CMO: Separating Leaders from Ideas (and the Aikido of Consistency)

TweetDear CMO: Once our snap judgments paint the Rorschach test-like image of a person or an idea in our minds, it’s hard for us to objectively change our minds. If a new player is deemed to be “good,” then they are given wider latitude and their actions are viewed with more forgiveness than those deemed, […]

Note to CMO: Leading, Managing, and None of the Above

TweetDear CMO: I’ve had this conversation many times in the past few years and it’s worth repeating here to a wider audience because it holds a universal meaning for all of us in business. You can be a leader without being a manager. You can be a manager without leading. You can also be neither […]

Note to CMO: Advantage Makers

Tweet Dear CMO: We’ve spoken a lot about influence over the past few months — even the past few days, to be honest — so I’m glad to point you to a new ‘must read’ coming out on August 27th from an old friend, advisor and corporate guru, Steven Feinberg, entitled, “The Advantage-Makers: How Exceptional […]