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Storytelling, Brand Identity and the Power of Context

TweetJoin us on Friday, April 1st, at 9:00AM Pacific time/12:00PM Eastern, for #kaizenblog on Twitter, where we’ll be discussing this idea of brand storytelling. “I learned about ducking and diving from the police everyday to avoid the road blocks. I didn’t have a white employer. To go into those areas every day was quite risky. […]

Why Do Brand Stories Work? The Societal, Cultural and Physical Reasons Why.

Tweet We’re all storytellers. Regardless of whether you’re a writer grinding out your first screenplay or a CEO staring into the blank eyes of your board members, your first and most important job is capturing your audience’s imagination. Why? Because stories capture our imagination in a way that lessons, recitation of facts and research can’t. […]

The Power of Ritual + How to Tap It

TweetI had a quick Twitter exchange with Mark Oakes (@MarkOOakes) and Ted Coine (@tedcoine) last week that started with a simple question: “Beyond hiring right, how do you ensure change happens after you, as the consultant, have left?” Instilling change is more like chiropractic than surgery. It’s lots of small shifts and not one haymaker […]

Three Reasons Why Domino’s Re-Launch Worked

TweetHere’s three reasons why Domino’s sales are up 14.3% since their re-launch: The science says that we gain credibility when we argue against our own perceived self-interest. Saying, “we need to get better” is strong stuff for a brand. This is source credibility and it’s a powerful motivator. It taps our decision triggers and moves […]