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Note to CMO: Three Examples of How Speed and Focus Win in Bad Times

Tweet Dear CMO: “For every pundit who proclaims that smart brands don’t cut marketing in bad economic times there are a thousand business owners who know differently.” But when should you listen to these pundits and actually increase your marketing spend in bad economic times? Here are three cases to consider: When our marketing puts […]

Note to CMO: Why You Need the Washington Generals

TweetDear CMO: In our recent discussions on “thin ice” and positioning in general, it’s become evident that you can’t be “for” something unless you’ve got something else that you can conveniently be “against.” You can’t take a pro- “take pride in your beer” unless there’s a “beer not worth being proud of” out there potentially […]

Note to CMO: Thin Ice and Killing Words

TweetDear CMO: Ready for a quiz? Pick a brand at random. Say its tag line out loud. Now, ask yourself whether any of your chosen brand’s competitors could walk up to the proverbial microphone and deliver that same tag line with just as much confidence and justification as your brand X did. Could they? Probably. […]

Note to CMO: Thin Ice and “Not for Beginners”

TweetDear CMO: We don’t often talk about beer over here, do we? But while we’re on the subject, let’s talk about the world famous Boston Beer Company’s new Sam Adams commercial, where President Jim Koch drops this wonderful bomb: “Sam Adams is… not a beginner’s beer.” Why is this such a wonderful thing to say? […]