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Note to CMO: Authority, Consensus, and Green Envy

TweetDear CMO: I’ve got a piece going up at The Daily Fix shortly on The “Green” Bandwagon. I could just as easily called this “Green Envy.” Or how about “Green Confusion”? Any or all of the above works. The point is that the groundswell of half-understood science and pop culture has propelled “green” into mainstream […]

Note to CMO: Writing “Killing Giants”

TweetDear CMO: We had a great series of conversations on how smaller companies or lesser brands can take out the giants in their industries a few months ago. It began as a one-off conversation which I named, “part one,” in a rather flip manner. In all honesty, there wasn’t a “part two” in mind at […]

Note to CMO: Killing Giants, Part 2 (courtesy of the Fix)

Tweet Dear CMO: I won’t re-hash the full story posted up on The Daily Fix — take a look at the full story on Killing Giants, Part 2 up there. But a quick recap is worth the “Post-It to CMO” size retelling. In Killing Giants, Part 1, we reviewed the following lessons: Lesson #1: Aikido […]