Dear CMO:

I won’t re-hash the full story posted up on The Daily Fix — take a look at the full story on Killing Giants, Part 2 up there. But a quick recap is worth the “Post-It to CMO” size retelling.

In Killing Giants, Part 1, we reviewed the following lessons:

Lesson #1: Aikidouse their popularity against them. Be a populist in an age of fluff.

Lesson #2: Thin Icelead the giant out over the thin ice of your own creation.

Lesson #3: Inconvenient Truthsmake the math work to your advantage.

Lesson #4: The War of the Fleawin at the point of influence. They spend millions? We spent thousands.

Again, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had the chance to be on both sides of this conflict in my career so far — these lessons are therefore either first hand experience or, at very least, first hand knowledge gained by talking to others who’ve been down interesting paths.

This isn’t a ‘be-all’ or ‘end-all’ list. Given the highbrow level of conversation in the comments section, I really try to stay as humble as possible. It presents a small target. So, consider this a good discussion starting point. Back to our story, though:

Up on The Daily Fix, you can take a closer look at the next three lessons:

Lesson #5: Zagpolarize your market for a good reason.

Lesson #6: Show Your Teeth force a comparison. If you’re better, make sure everybody knows it. But make sure you’re better before you go down this path (right, Valeria?).

Lesson #7: Speed Killsyou are smaller, faster, and hold less baggage than giants. Take advantage of your lighter weight.

Now, it’s your turn. Give me the lessons you’ve learned over the years. Feel free to comment on the seven you see above, of course, but also give me the benefit of your wisdom. Show me your scars. Tell me your stories.

Don’t make me come after you.


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