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Storytelling, Brand Identity and the Power of Context

TweetJoin us on Friday, April 1st, at 9:00AM Pacific time/12:00PM Eastern, for #kaizenblog on Twitter, where we’ll be discussing this idea of brand storytelling. “I learned about ducking and diving from the police everyday to avoid the road blocks. I didn’t have a white employer. To go into those areas every day was quite risky. […]

Why Do Brand Stories Work? The Societal, Cultural and Physical Reasons Why.

Tweet We’re all storytellers. Regardless of whether you’re a writer grinding out your first screenplay or a CEO staring into the blank eyes of your board members, your first and most important job is capturing your audience’s imagination. Why? Because stories capture our imagination in a way that lessons, recitation of facts and research can’t. […]

Note to CMO: Storytelling, Persuasion and Death by Power Point

TweetDear CMO: “When you do a Power Point presentation, you hide everything negative behind your statistics and your quotes from authority. You hide all the problems, everything that didn’t work. When you tell a story, the whole gist is to admit the negative side, then dramatize the positive side of how the courageous little company […]