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Note to CMO: Killing Giants, Part 1

TweetDear CMO: Giants exude a smug arrogance. They may have earned their way to the top but often they forget that a one time masterpiece does not a dynasty make. They start believing their press. They’re clinging to the back-end of a rocket and convincing themselves that they’re steering. It’s our job to bring them […]

Note to CMO: The Anthropology of Blogging

Tweet Man is a fraction of the animal world. Our history is an afterthought, no more, tacked to an infinite calendar. We are not so unique as we should like to believe. And if man in a time of need seeks keeper knowledge concerning himself, then he must explore those animal horizons from which we […]

Note to CMO: The Clamshell, Defended (With Reservations)

TweetDear CMO: The holidays are over. Time to end the fiscal year, hopefully with a sprint to the finish, and then move on to planning for next year. And, as I can see the Band Aids peeking through your French cuffs, you’ll no doubt resolve to do your part in the coming budget cycle to […]

Note to CMO: Show is Better than Tell

TweetDear CMO: Isn’t ‘up and to the right’ brand positioning a great place to be? We all love getting higher prices for our stuff, making more gross profit, and basking in the adoration of our captive markets. All this, of course, is predicated on the rather huge assumption that your customer base agrees with your […]

Note to CMO: Snakes On A Plane Branding 2 — The Display!

TweetDear CMO: I recall a thought-provoking paper written by a head of marketing some years ago describing the state of the art in the science of retail. The writer described how in order to drive increased revenue per consumer they were studying consumer foot traffic patterns as they moved through the store. They did this […]