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Why Nike’s “Write The Future” Campaign Worked

Tweet“Did the viral video sell anything?” That’s a bit of an imponderable question but one worth pondering if you are responsible for the dollars in your marketing budget, particularly if the dollars belong to someone else and you’re going to have to eventually explain yourself to people who lack your enthusiasm for this stuff. Did […]

Old Spice, Viral Ads and The Ad Your Ad Could Smell Like

Tweet Hello, marketers. Look at your ad. Now back at me. Now back at your ad. Now back to me. Sadly, your ad didn’t sell anything. But if it stopped trying to be comedy and remembered that ads were supposed to sell stuff, it could act like me. Look down. Back up. Where are we? […]

Note to CMO: The Dubious Strategy of Apologies and Retractions

TweetDear CMO: We’re marketers. We’re edgy. We love cool, we live hip, and swing for the upper deck. That’s why we usually dress in black, which is a subject for another post on another day. But this is also why we love to go out on the absolute edge of creative license and pick up […]

Note to CMO: Authority, Consensus, and Green Envy

TweetDear CMO: I’ve got a piece going up at The Daily Fix shortly on The “Green” Bandwagon. I could just as easily called this “Green Envy.” Or how about “Green Confusion”? Any or all of the above works. The point is that the groundswell of half-understood science and pop culture has propelled “green” into mainstream […]

Note to CMO: And the Award Goes To…

TweetDear CMO: Sorry not to have time for a proper sit down discussion like we usually do, but it’s getting late here in the hotel where like time and tide, it seems that email and Power Point wait for no man. Serves me right for flying around visiting customers. Ah, the glamour of travel. Anyway. […]