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Note to CMO: Competing on Price. Yes, on Price.

Tweet Dear CMO: Why do people say “discount” like it’s a bad word? This is nonsense. If you’re in a price elastic market and occasionally sell your wares to non-millionaire playboys, pricing is often the difference between window shopping and revenue. We don’t always have to confuse “marketing” with “premium positioning,” although this happens more […]

Note to CMO: Seizing the Microphone in Difficult Times

TweetDear CMO: While drafting up what is currently looking like Chapter 8 in Killing Giants, I stumbled upon an interesting comparison of targeting that bears further discussion. Who we choose to talk to in our market is a pretty significant and strategic choice we make, as is how we choose to communicate. We often read […]

Note to CMO: Minding Your Capability Gap

TweetDear CMO: You need to begin a dialog with key stakeholders in a complex market, full of misunderstandings and competitors. You need to start a blog with multiple authors, clearly articulated roles for each writer, and enough discipline to ensure that solid content gets published early and often. The problem is, everyone agrees and no […]

Note to CMO: Inspiration from Elsewhere — Miki House

TweetDear CMO: I just spent a few days working with a client on brand positioning. This was the first such discussion for this multi-million dollar global brand. Apparently, they’ve done just fine by selling a terrific product to a devoted customer base with design smarts and fashionable sensibilities. But, as the company evolves, the brand […]