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Seeing What Others Miss: Q-TIPS, How to Win a Lost Battle, and 5 Ways to Tactically Shift

TweetIf you’re like most people in business, you fall into one of two camps. You’re either looking for ways to take your business, your brand or just yourself to that next level or you’re wondering how in hell you ended up in this mess and how you’re ever going to get out again. It doesn’t […]

Note to CMO: Necessary Luxuries

TweetDear CMO: I wrote up a personal story over at The Fix that will hopefully be up early next week about marketing the psychology of desire. Writing this piece sparked off a few ideas on the subject of what constitutes a “need” versus a “want.” Assuming there’s a difference, of course. Which is probably the […]

Note to CMO: Killing Giants, Part 1

TweetDear CMO: Giants exude a smug arrogance. They may have earned their way to the top but often they forget that a one time masterpiece does not a dynasty make. They start believing their press. They’re clinging to the back-end of a rocket and convincing themselves that they’re steering. It’s our job to bring them […]