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Note to CMO: Selling Marketing to Non-Marketers (Abridged)

TweetDear CMO: You and I have seen this movie a thousand times. Someone with little comfort in the marketing discipline says, “we don’t need to do ‘marketing’… this is what my sales people are supposed to do all day long…” One of several things probably happens to you at a time like this. The twitch comes back. You slowly […]

Note to CMO: Coconuts, K-Fed and Framing

Tweet Dear CMO: In the spirit of the blurry Starbucks photo the other day, behold the latest agri-business breakthrough product: the Easy Open Coconut(tm). This is no mere coconut, the commodity available on South Pacific desert islands from Hollywood to Bali Hai — oh, no — this one promises the elimination of the hassle, danger, […]