Dear CMO and all meme taggers:
You really want to know eight random things about me? I think we did the “five” unique things a few months ago. Hopefully, we won’t have to go to a dozen any time soon, because I’m running out of material. So, presented here, are my “8 Random Things,” as requested:

One: I once received an angry letter from a monkey’s lawyer.

It’s a long story. Remember the Sony Walkman launch? The snow monkey listening to “O Mio Babbino Caro” on his Walkman on the mountain top? He’s very famous. He has a lawyer. Don’t mess with the monkey. When the monkey’s lawyer is threatening you, you know it’s time to do something else with your time and career.

Two: It’s all about what we’re going to eat.

I have a mild obsession for food that is black, I’m nuts for any kind of food that you’d get at a state fair or a rodeo, and I’m a recovering organic sourdough baker. Being married to a very beautiful Italian girl, it’s all about the food. Yes, we cook.

Three: Hail.

I grew up in Washington DC and therefore have a biological need to follow the Redskins regardless of where I live. Like watching a Jacobean tragedy unfolding, I get my hopes up every year only to have it all unravel. This is a test of my patience, I’m sure.

Four: I lived in Japan for much of the roaring 80’s.

I practiced Shotokan Karate at Ebisu Dojo, got a rib broken by a member of the Japanese national team (thanks for that), and lived in a “six-mat” room roughly the size of the kitchen in my house today for four years. I lived on 300 yen a day, which back then was about a dollar and a half.

Five: I appeared as a burglar in a nationally run TV commercial for crime insurance.

Again, a long story. Spend a day in Georgetown (Washington DC), somewhere near Potomac Street, breaking into a very nice couple’s apartment. Over and over and over again.

Six: I almost had the last contract signed by Jerry Garcia. And Stevie Ray Vaughn. Almost.

This is a bit wierd, actually, but both true. We were negotiating a packaged deal with Garcia to license his artwork when he died. It was literally right at the moment that we were sending the contract that he passed away. Same with Stevie Ray — we were trying to get him on board to do the audio on a commercial we were shooting when his crash happened. Funny how artists just stopped returning our calls after that.

Seven: A lot of the color commentary in my life has happened while holding a drink, for some reason.

I had cocktails with a Tony award winner at Windows on the World, sat next to a high profile murderer in a very chic Tokyo night spot, and even got a knowing nod and a wink from Arrigo Cipriani after arriving at his restaurant in Manhattan with my two gorgeous dates (my wife and my sister-in-law, for the record).

Eight: I have always been the black sheep of the family, having run away from the circus to get a job.

My mother was a Broadway star in the 50’s, my brother is a professional musician and multiple MAC Award winner, and my father (apart from being a published novelist) was a classically trained baritone. I got an MBA. My parents were disappointed, of course.

Honestly, that’s all I have. Outside of this, I got nothing. I’ll save my new tags for a new meme, if that’s all right with everyone. Thanks, Gianandrea, for the tag —