Cher CMO:
Une chose drôle s’est produite l’autre jour que j’ai pensé ferais un poteau fortement approprié de blog. Regardant par Technorati, j’ai noté qu’un lien d’un blogger que j’ai au début pensé blogging de France. Car elle s’est avérée, il était un Canadien français, soutenant un morceau que j’avais écrit dessus, naturellement, blogging.

{Dear CMO:A funny thing happened the other day that I thought would make an appropriate blog post. Looking through Technorati, I noticed a link from a blogger who I thought at first was blogging from France. As it turned out, he was French Canadian, supporting a piece I had written on, of course, blogging}.

No hablo francés. En todos. No era tan seguro exactamente qué era dicha sobre mí. Mi hijo de nueve años, mella – también un blogger (apesadumbrado, contraseña protegida) – mirada sobre mi hombro e I sugerido Google el texto para traducirlo. Mi hijo. Quién es nueve años. Y quién blogs. Dicho me para traducir el texto. En Google.

{I don’t speak French. At all. So I wasn’t sure exactly what was being said about me. My nine year old son, Nick – also a blogger (sorry, password protected) – looked over my shoulder and suggested I Google the text to translate it. My son. Who is nine years old. And who blogs. Told me to translate the text. On Google}.

あなたに多くのように鳴る私にでき事の幾分劇的な転位の伝えた。 私は私の40年代にある。 私はApple II コンピュータの東京背部で当初生きていた。 私に最初のMCI Mailの記述の1つがあった。 私は古い東京ユーザ・グループの掲示板で掲示した。 外国語のポストを翻訳する方法をそして今、ニックは私に言う。 オハイオ州の男の子。

{This may not sound like much to you but it was a rather dramatic shift of events to me. I’m in my 40’s. I was living in Tokyo back in the early days of the Apple II computer. I had one of the first MCI Mail accounts. I posted on old Tokyo User Group bulletin boards. And now, Nick tells me how to translate posts in foreign languages. Oh boy}.

Un breve sguardo a Feedburner mi dice che i miei abbonati stiano entrando dalla Tailandia, Francia, Italia, Paesi Bassi, Regno Unito, Giappone, Italia, Corea, Indonesia ed altrove. Sono preso occasionalmente dai bloggers del Chinese. Non ho idea perchè, ma I Am.

{A brief look at Feedburner tells me that my subscribers are logging in from Thailand, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, Japan, Italy, Korea, Indonesia, and elsewhere. I’m occasionally picked up by Chinese bloggers. I have no idea why, but I am}.

O imponderable em toda a este, para mim, é este: pelo tempo onde meu newborn vem da idade, língua pode ser menos um impediment a uma comunicação do que o dialect. Escrito (exprimir talvez?) uma comunicação “será personalizada” sobre – – voa em o que quer que a língua faz a a maioria de sentido a mim.

{The imponderable in all of this, for me, is this: by the time my newborn comes of age, language may be less an impediment to communication than dialect. Written (maybe voice?) communication will be “personalized” on the fly into whatever language makes the most sense to me}.


{It’s all flying cars to me, but my son would probably shrug}.