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Note to CMO: Buzz Happens When Scarcity Meets Authority

Tweet Dear CMO: We’ve talked often about how reciprocity and liking play into the signal strength of your social media and branding message. One area we haven’t discussed at length is the role of scarcity and it’s been hiding in plain sight as one of the most powerful tools in your online arsenal. Scarcity is […]

Note to CMO: WOMMA, Authenticity and Personal Branding

TweetDear CMO: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Branding is something that goes beyond ad copy – you must be your brand, live your brand, deliver on your brand, and not forget any of the previous three things at the peril of your professional life. Look at our friends at Sony – flogging […]

Note to CMO: All the Good Things About Piracy

TweetDear CMO: Lots and lots of talk flying around the blogosphere about word of mouth, about user generated content, all swirling around the concept of “letting go of your brand.” Sure, it’s all scary stuff, but I think we’ve covered this ground already. So let’s take it one step further. Suppose your product is digital. […]