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Three Things You Can Change Today to Topple the Goliath You Face

TweetA week and a half after launching Killing Giants: 10 Strategies to Topple the Goliath In Your Industry, I’ve learned three important lessons. First, I have a supportive group of friends. Thanks for everything – all of you – from subtle forms of encouragement to sending me a carton of books (my books, that you’ve […]

Hit Them When They’re Shifting Gears: the Role of Timing in Giant Killing

TweetThe borderlands are where the hurt happens – whether the no-man’s land at the US / Mexican border or the 20 feet or so beyond the breakers where the big pelagics slowly patrol. But zones aren’t just physical. Shifts of any kind create disruptions. Shifts produce changes in behavior and changes in behavior create opportunities for […]

Note to CMO: Doubling Your ROI by Winning in the Last 3 Feet

TweetDear CMO: Think of how much more effective your marketing budget would be if you asked three more questions: Question #1: OK, now that we’re done with our campaign planning and understand all the final execution-level details… what happens next? Question #2: OK, now what do we do? Question #3: Got it, now what? Pretty […]