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Edgy is a Tattoo: The Power of Provocative Brands and Why We Fall for “Lovable Rogues”

TweetIt’s hard not to love a company that isn’t afraid to push boundaries. We like people who stand up for what they believe in, who flirt with controversy and who never, ever panic and retreat at the first sign of public push-back. Do you respect these guys? Remember Verizon’s hasty retreat? Gap and their logo […]

Competing with Your Customers (Without Losing Them): Vibram Five Fingers

TweetJumping across the chasm from business-to-business component supplier to branded, finished goods marketer is a risky business. Not only do you find yourself playing in a radically different game, where consumer engagement drives your success, but you also must contend with the fact that your current OEM customers – the ones keeping your company afloat […]