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Parasite branding: How to Get Your Product in Front of Millions – and Not Pay a Dime

Tweet The secret of free advertising is making your friends look better. What held true in your college years apparently still works wonders in marketing today. The halo effect of hanging around with the right people and making them look good tends to rub off on lucky you. We’re all being asked to do more […]

Note to CMO: The Dubious Strategy of Apologies and Retractions

TweetDear CMO: We’re marketers. We’re edgy. We love cool, we live hip, and swing for the upper deck. That’s why we usually dress in black, which is a subject for another post on another day. But this is also why we love to go out on the absolute edge of creative license and pick up […]

Note to CMO: Serving Customers First

TweetDear CMO: It feels like ages ago, but the possibly misquoted VP of Marketing over at Verizon Wireless’s comments about mobile advertising still haunt us. “We know we can make significant dollars in mobile Web advertising in 2007,” said [the VP of Marketing at Verizon Wireless]… “That said, we likely will not — we want […]