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Note to CMO: Seeing What Others Don’t See and Parking Your Car for $12 a Month

TweetDear CMO: I’m going to get this story slightly wrong because I forgot exactly where I heard it or read it, but hopefully the meaning will be clear enough. I’m sharing this with you for one big reason: if you squint at it and think of ways to apply it to what you’re doing, it […]

Note to CMO: I Am Legend

TweetDear CMO: I’m not sure if I’ll see I Am Legend — I have to walk outside in the dark, you know, and I don’t want to attract the unwanted attention of any more zombies than absolutely necessary — but there’s a few very interesting phenomena that makes it worth commenting on. 1. Retro is […]

Note to CMO: Conversion and Finishing the Job

TweetDear CMO: You spend weeks of hard work developing a PPC campaign to drive more traffic to your site, but the landing page only gets a full fifteen minutes of thought. Clicks are way up, but conversion is flat. Visit to store is fine; store to close? All you hear is crickets. It takes twelve […]