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Note to CMO: Starbucks, Sharper Image, and The Tao of Focus

TweetDear CMO: It has been said that the jackrabbit knows many things, while the hedgehog knows one thing — very well. Multi-tasking notwithstanding, recent news items seem to show the virtue of the hedgehog in newer light. Sharper Image is declaring bankruptcy. I don’t follow Sharper Image anymore, as they never figured largely into any […]

Note to CMO: Red Cars, Accidents and Causality

TweetDear CMO: I swear I’m a Seth Godin fan. I don’t mean to take issue with everything he writes about, because I think his posts are thought provoking and almost always on target. Did you catch the “Apple’s Next Problem” post? Walking into a Starbucks, the author notes that out of five people observed, all […]

Note to CMO: Starbucks is Just Like You

Tweet Dear CMO: Forgive the blurry picture, above. This is about as clear as I usually see when I get my obligatory Tall Latte at my local Starbucks. I came across this the other morning and wanted to drop a note extolling the virtues of whoever put this together. Did you know that Starbucks is […]