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Note to CMO: The Hardness of Soft Skills

TweetDear CMO: Soft skills aren’t soft. They’re bloody hard. “Hard” means, “I can measure the return on investment, the incremental lift in unit sell-through, and the increases in customer loyalty, and therefore, it’s true.” ‘Hard’ skills mean I have mastered four-function math. “Soft” skills require an understanding of human brain science, the psychology of influence, […]

Note to CMO: Influence and Wearables

TweetDear CMO: This is my last T-shirt post of the week, I promise. Looking back at my notes on Influence, though, kicks off a whole new set of reasons to praise the lowly T. To wit: Reciprocity: give someone a T-shirt and the relationship has begun. Want to get a higher conversion rate for a […]

Note to CMO: Killer Apes and Branding

TweetDear CMO: I’ve just re-read Robert Ardrey’s “African Genesis” after many years. If you haven’t read this, go pick it up. Not only is Ardrey a wonderful writer, but he covers a universal topic that leads us in many directions, one of which is thankfully marketing. “Not in innocence, and not in Asia, was mankind […]

Note to CMO: How to Drown a Rat

TweetDear CMO:Rats are stubborn, gregarious, and adaptable. They are highly social animals that live in tightly controlled societies. They persevere and even thrive under difficult conditions. And yet rats get a bad rap. Apart from the fact that they’re highly destructive brutes and are almost always cast as antagonists in New Line Cinema features, they’re […]