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Hit Them When They’re Shifting Gears: the Role of Timing in Giant Killing

TweetThe borderlands are where the hurt happens – whether the no-man’s land at the US / Mexican border or the 20 feet or so beyond the breakers where the big pelagics slowly patrol. But zones aren’t just physical. Shifts of any kind create disruptions. Shifts produce changes in behavior and changes in behavior create opportunities for […]

In Watson, IBM Has Found Its “Neil Armstrong” Statement

TweetIn the sweep of Giant Killer contests – Hollywood notwithstanding – it would be hard to imagine that humanity would come in second to a computer in the nuanced world of context, puns and trivia. So we have to give credit to the newest entry in the Killing Giants lexicon: Watson, from IBM. Last night, […]

Parasite branding: How to Get Your Product in Front of Millions – and Not Pay a Dime

Tweet The secret of free advertising is making your friends look better. What held true in your college years apparently still works wonders in marketing today. The halo effect of hanging around with the right people and making them look good tends to rub off on lucky you. We’re all being asked to do more […]

The Power of Ritual + How to Tap It

TweetI had a quick Twitter exchange with Mark Oakes (@MarkOOakes) and Ted Coine (@tedcoine) last week that started with a simple question: “Beyond hiring right, how do you ensure change happens after you, as the consultant, have left?” Instilling change is more like chiropractic than surgery. It’s lots of small shifts and not one haymaker […]

Note to CMO: Pushing and Pulling Our Way to Mindshare

TweetDear CMO: Do you know the definition of an ignoramus? An ignoramus is someone who doesn’t know something you learned five minutes ago. We like it when we know things others don’t because it makes us feel smart at some ignoramus’s expense. In psychological terms, it’s called “invidious comparison.” You probably didn’t know that. You […]