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The Power of Ritual + How to Tap It

TweetI had a quick Twitter exchange with Mark Oakes (@MarkOOakes) and Ted Coine (@tedcoine) last week that started with a simple question: “Beyond hiring right, how do you ensure change happens after you, as the consultant, have left?” Instilling change is more like chiropractic than surgery. It’s lots of small shifts and not one haymaker […]

Method, Mother Earth and the Court of Popular Opinion

TweetBig competitors can wait you out. They’ve got more lawyers than you have employees and pockets deep enough to swallow your whole company. And between you and me, when the lawyers get involved, they are typically the only ones to benefit. So when you get the formal declaration of corporate war via certified mail lambasting you […]

Note to CMO: Changing How the World Thinks

Tweet“Our mission has always been to change how America thinks about beer.” Jim Koch, Founder of The Boston Beer Company, now the largest American-owned brewery. Dear CMO: Jim Koch clearly laid out his vision for The Boston Beer Company to me in a discussion we had a few months ago. Reading these words belies the […]

Note to CMO: Jim Koch & What Giants Can’t Do

TweetDear CMO: “Could a giant do what we do? It would be difficult because it’s not what they’re good at. They’re good at mass producing, very cost effectively, beers that appeal to the mass market… it’s not outside their capabilities, but it’s like McDonalds… could McDonalds make filet mignon? Sure, but it’s not the business they’re […]

Note to CMO: Eric Ryan, Method and the Joys of Being an Outsider

TweetDear CMO: I spoke with Eric Ryan, co-founder of Method, about how a brand can successfully struggle with internal brand tension and the fun of fighting for retail shelf space against competitors who spill more detergent at the loading dock than you manufacture. There were dozens of great nuggets from the conversation, but one in […]