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What Happens When You Can’t Shake a Negative Image: The Stickiness of a Bad Eigen Value

Tweet  We can debate the philosophical nuances of whether perception is truly reality or not, but I’m sure we could agree that our ability to shape public perception is a sure way to impact behavior. How we shape perception is a different question altogether. This is a practice that can be applied for good or […]

Note to CMO: New School Tools vs. Old School Results

TweetDear CMO: This is an old theme and one we’ve certainly talked about before, but it’s worth re-hashing again — particularly in light of Ad Age broadcasting it in two separate but closely placed articles. The basic argument is the “digital, one-to-one, e-enabled” versus the “sell something” school of marketing. (Disclaimer: look, I know. I […]

Note to CMO: Positioning and Deciding Who You’re NOT

TweetDear CMO: Let’s talk for a moment about who you’re not. We all know who you are, but your forced choices under pressure often reveal more about you than your bio might reveal. What are you willing to walk away from? Answer that and you’ll define yourself in vivid terms that stick. If it works […]

Note to CMO: A Good Story, Well Told — Screenwriting and Marketing

TweetDear CMO: Writing a compelling story is the inner game of marketing and, not surprisingly, it is often the exclusive realm of the creatives in your selected agencies. The client participates by scowling during the presentation, inquiring if the logo could be a bit bigger, and then picking the execution they think is the funniest. […]