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Note to CMO: Spotting the “Tell”

TweetDear CMO: Do you play poker? Ever since poker became a spectator sport, it’s kind of lost a bit of its luster for me, but my ten year old loves Texas Hold ‘Em. He’s all in, all the time. Sometimes, he won’t even look at his cards. Of course, he knows he’s playing with me, […]

Note to CMO: How to Land a Fish

TweetDear CMO: We’ve discussed rats already. Let’s talk about fish. It’s hard to get worked up about fish. They have no discernable facial expressions. Their children aren’t cute. They’re just guppies or larvae or something. Regardless, there’s an interesting story about how to land a big fish. But first, let’s explore how not to land […]

Note to CMO: On Advice

TweetDear CMO: Can I give you a piece of advice? Stop taking so much advice. Really, you don’t need to know that a captain of industry attributes his success to his dogged determination. That he truly believes that, “you need to be true to yourself.” Of course, he doesn’t know much about you, your problem, […]

Note to CMO: On Being the Chief Sell-Through Officer

TweetDear CMO: You know how hard it is to explain to your mother what it is that you do. She pretty much makes it up when she explains it to her friends. Apparently all of her friends’ kids have easy jobs to remember, like “doctor”. No, sonny-boy does something altogether too complex to describe the […]