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Note to CMO: Experts Redux

TweetDear CMO: Do you know what a skip tooth chain is? If you own a chainsaw, a skip tooth chain is a steak knife. It cuts at roughly twice the speed of the comparatively meek sounding “homeowner’s chain.” Why did I have to learn about this from the guy who trims my trees? (Just for […]

Note to CMO: Moving the Pyramid

TweetDear CMO: We love High and To The Right. Nothing pumps the ego like premium positioning. There’s plenty to suggest that starting here and “moving down-market” is a winning game plan, all things considered. You can slum your way to success in a lot of markets. There’s another idea that appeals to me a lot, […]

Note to CMO: Necessary Luxuries

TweetDear CMO: I wrote up a personal story over at The Fix that will hopefully be up early next week about marketing the psychology of desire. Writing this piece sparked off a few ideas on the subject of what constitutes a “need” versus a “want.” Assuming there’s a difference, of course. Which is probably the […]