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Note to CMO: If You’re in Marketing, Why Are You So Hard to Find?

TweetDear CMO: Do you work for a highly specialized marketing services company that has created a defensible niche in a highly profitable market? Can you do things that other companies just can’t do – maybe you’re faster, or more thorough, or more efficient? Can I ask you a question? Can anyone find you? If I […]

Note to CMO: Finding “Missing Persons”

TweetDear CMO: This very important memo is about avoiding big career mistakes, so listen carefully. Trust me. I’ve made several. I’m acutely attuned to the sound of ice cracking beneath my feet. I’ve spent enough time in free-fall to have learned a lesson or two, so pay attention. You may not be in the right […]

Note to CMO: Social Networks and Too Much Information

TweetDear CMO: When was the last time you had to make a complex choice? When did you last go through a competitive bid on a CRM application? Maybe hire an important direct report? Or do an agency review? What about just buying a car, let alone getting one fixed? “This is the easiest process in […]