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Note to CMO: The Pitfalls of Consistency (or, Learning to Love Your Hubris)

TweetDear CMO: I’ve heard three pieces of good news over the past few weeks. First, I understand that the feared AIDS epidemic within the heterosexual communities of developed countries is no longer a threat, according to the World Health Organization. Second, I learned that not only is the US not in a recession but that […]

Note to CMO: Putting “Faith” and “Marketing” in the Same Sentence (Without Getting Hit by Lightning)

TweetDear CMO: I couldn’t think of a controversial topic, so let’s talk about faith-based marketing. First, a clear and open admission. I’m not a faith-based marketing expert. Never gone down this path. Not once. But there’s a story to tell here, so stick with me. Here’s my first impression. Marketing through faith-based channels has got […]