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Note to CMO: Fooling Your Customers Profitably

Tweet Dear CMO: I remember reading a wonderful vignette about Japanese spice manufacturer Ajinomoto some time back that described how the marketing team increased volume in a flat market. We can all relate to this type of Monday morning meeting, where everyone is trying to be creative but practical in thinking up ways to get […]

Note to CMO: Coconuts, K-Fed and Framing

Tweet Dear CMO: In the spirit of the blurry Starbucks photo the other day, behold the latest agri-business breakthrough product: the Easy Open Coconut(tm). This is no mere coconut, the commodity available on South Pacific desert islands from Hollywood to Bali Hai — oh, no — this one promises the elimination of the hassle, danger, […]

Note to CMO: Pushing and Pulling Our Way to Mindshare

TweetDear CMO: Do you know the definition of an ignoramus? An ignoramus is someone who doesn’t know something you learned five minutes ago. We like it when we know things others don’t because it makes us feel smart at some ignoramus’s expense. In psychological terms, it’s called “invidious comparison.” You probably didn’t know that. You […]