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Note to CMO: Experts, Raffa, and the Other Michelangelo

Tweet Dear CMO: Two blogs of note pushed me into this frame of mind today — Jennifer’s recent post over at Brains on Fire and Valeria’s always good insights at Conversation Agent. Jennifer discussed the recent Wimbledon finals from a non-player’s perspective. Valeria just happens to love Caravaggio. For the rest of us, please pick […]

Note to CMO: Experts Redux

TweetDear CMO: Do you know what a skip tooth chain is? If you own a chainsaw, a skip tooth chain is a steak knife. It cuts at roughly twice the speed of the comparatively meek sounding “homeowner’s chain.” Why did I have to learn about this from the guy who trims my trees? (Just for […]

Note to CMO: Experts Beat Evangelists

TweetDear CMO: We’ve discussed the role that highly engaged users play in your brand ecosystem. Throw a virtual rock in the blogosphere and you’ll hit three posts that are all a-Twitter over evangelists and why creating them is so smart. And don’t get me started about blogs about blogging. Not many talk about the “how,” […]