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Three Cups of 60 Minutes and the Downside of Lying

TweetAuthor Greg Mortenson, who sold a zillion copies of his book, Three Cups of Tea, is now accused by television’s 60 Minutes and by others of fabricating the main elements of his book. It didn’t happen that way, the records purport to show, and thus the entire house of cards upon which his book is […]

Note to CMO: Jamil Hussein is My Spokesperson

TweetDear CMO: Sony and Zipatoni flauxg the PSP. Walmart fakes it, as well. Sony Pictures (again with Sony?) writes their own movie reviews. The Associated Press, for whom a picture is apparently worth far more than a thousand (truthful) words, creates Jamil Hussein, a guy who apparently shows up more often in the credits than […]

Note to CMO: Profiting Badly

TweetDear CMO: One of my favorites in the blogosphere is Brand Autopsy. Great stuff, consistently presented. A recent article, “Bad Profits Dissected“, discussed the difference between “good profits”, which come from delighting your customers, and “bad profits”, which come from dinging them for not reading the fine print. Recent headlines suggest a third option: heinous […]