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Fast co.Design, The Gap + The Dying Art of Decision Making

Tweet“The real lesson of the Gap debacle: logos aren’t key anymore.” In a recent piece written in Fast Company’s co.Design blog, Ziba Design’s Steve McCallion suggests that we as businesspeople should move beyond the static confines of corporate identity and embrace the interactivity and textured nuance of social brand platforms, specifically using the Gap and […]

What Happens When You Can’t Shake a Negative Image: The Stickiness of a Bad Eigen Value

Tweet  We can debate the philosophical nuances of whether perception is truly reality or not, but I’m sure we could agree that our ability to shape public perception is a sure way to impact behavior. How we shape perception is a different question altogether. This is a practice that can be applied for good or […]

This Sentence has 5ive Words

Tweet   Welcome #Kaizenblog! “This sentence has five words.” Is there any rational person out there who wants to debate this point? Probably not. It’s self-defining. It’s obvious. When we say, “This sentence has five words,” we are presenting our listener with a truism. It is, by its own definition, correct. This is an Eigen Value, […]

Competing with Your Customers (Without Losing Them): Vibram Five Fingers

TweetJumping across the chasm from business-to-business component supplier to branded, finished goods marketer is a risky business. Not only do you find yourself playing in a radically different game, where consumer engagement drives your success, but you also must contend with the fact that your current OEM customers – the ones keeping your company afloat […]